“Goody Hall,” by Natalie Babbitt

“Goody Hall,” by Natalie Babbitt is mystery with a rather strange plot.

When Hercules Feltwright joins the Goody household in the Book Cover of Goody Hall by Natalie Babbittposition of tutor he doesn’t realize that he’s walking into a web of deception and mystery. The people of Goody Hall are strangely troubled, and no one knows why. Hercules takes it as his commission to restore peace of mind to the Goody household.

Soon he uncovers a fortune in jewels, a mysterious legend that seems to be coming true, a tomb with an empty coffin, and a statue of a three headed dog. All are clues that Hercules must use to solve this mystery.

I must say that “Goody Hall” has so far been the only Babbit book to disappoint me. The plot could be interesting if it was not developed in such a ridiculous fashion. The only thing that I liked about “Goody Hall” was the book’s characters.

In summary, “Goody Hall” is a book with great characters but a disappointing plot.

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Anonymous said...

its so for a great book

Anonymous said...

i am reading this book for a school project. we had to pick out a mystery. i was so exited when i found a mystery that wasn't all about a murder. turns out this book levels up to be just as good as snow white:( mabe next time i read one of babbit's books it will be alot better. seems to me she slopped together to many ideas to make a bad book.

Anonymous said...

It was an ok book but the ending made no sense

Anonymous said...

i am reading the book now for a book report for school but barley started and it is due January 7th. but i think it will be a good book because Natalie Babbitt is a great writer. i like the book tuck everlasting.

Anonymous said...

Not recommended.

Anonymous said...

i havent read it yet i hope it will be a great book

Anonymous said...

i am anika rodosi

Anonymous said...

just started the book hope its good