“The Black Room,” by Gillian Cross

“The Black Room,” by Gillian Cross is sequel to her earlier book “The Dark Ground,” and the second book in the Dark Ground trilogy.

In “The Dark Ground” Robert was somehow reduced to tiny size, ending up Book Cover of The Black Room by Gillian Crossin the park near his home. Suddenly the familiar place that he used to know so well was a dangerous wilderness that could easily kill him. However, a small band of other small people helped Robert: first to survive, and then to make the journey that resulted in his restoration to normal size.

The ordeal may be over for Robert, but he will never forget the small people who are still living in the park, still trapped by their small state. Worse yet, winter is coming, and Robert knows that many of them will die from the cold. Robert is determined to help save those people, starting with his friend Lorn. He wants to help her become large again, but it will prove to be a difficult and dangerous undertaking.

“The Black Room” is a story told from two different vantages. It tells of Robert's struggle to find Lorn's large self and reunite it with the small person now living in the park. But meanwhile, Lorn and her small group of survivors are struggling to survive the winter. Gillian Cross has created another marvelous story in “The Black Room.” The plot is interesting, but slightly convoluted, not as clear cut and defined as the plot in “The Dark Ground.” However the story is still a wonderful fantasy that all who read “The Dark Ground” will want to read.

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