“George's Secret Key to the Universe,” by Lucy & Stephen Hawking

“George's Secret Key to the Universe” is a children's novel written by Lucy Hawking & Stephen Hawking, the best selling author of “A Brief History of Time” and “The Universe in a Nutshell.” These two books made the field of theoretical physics interesting and understandable to adults. “George's Secret Key to the Universe” is designed to make some of the same concepts available for children to understand.

Book Cover of George's Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen HawkingThe main character is George, a young boy whose life is defined by two things: his eco-friendly parents, who prohibit all technology in George's house; and his pet pig. But when the pig breaks through the fence and escapes into the yard next door, George meets his new next door neighbors: a girl named Annie and her scientist father, named Eric.

Eric and Annie open up a whole new world of experience for George as the explain scientific concepts to George and take him on surprising adventures using their supercomputer Cosmos. Cosmos can take its users to any part of the universe in a blink of the eye. But little do George, Annie, and Eric realize, but someone out there wants Cosmos, and soon all of them will be in grave danger.

“George's Secret Key to the Universe” has an interesting focus. It presents complicated scientific ideas in a way that children can understand, with small sidebars and information boxes along the way. What is more, the storyline is interspersed with beautiful full color pictures of space and various space objects. However, in reading the book I felt that “George's Secret Key to the Universe” was really designed as a vehicle to spread Hawking's theories concerning black holes. I don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing, but “George's Secret Key to the Universe” presents as truth that which has not yet been conclusively proved.

In conclusion, “George's Secret Key to the Universe” has a great plot, interesting characters, and plenty of science facts. I think that it is a good introduction to science for young readers.

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