“Evil Genius,” by Catherine Jinks

“Evil Genius,” by Catherine Jinks is an exciting novel about a genius boy with criminal parents.

Book Cover of Evil Genius by Catherine JinksCadel is a young boy with a high IQ, and a boring life. School is not even a challenge for him, and his parents barely seem to notice him at all. But when he gets in trouble for hacking into computers they take him to see a counselor who specializes in dealing with intelligent but troubled children. But the counselor is not what he seems. He reveals that Cadel is the son of a criminal mastermind, and he begins teaching Cadel the art of crime. Soon Cadel is studying systems of all kinds, leading him to carry out such devious experiments as bringing the cities entire transportation system to a halt and influencing the behavior of his fellow students so that they all fail their finals.

Soon Cadel is enrolled at the Axis Institute, an institute of crime masquerading as an exclusive private school. As Cadel meets the fellow students and begins to be taught the fundamentals of a devious lifestyle, he starts to realize that perhaps he is being manipulated. His father wants him to become an evil genius, but is that what Cadel wants?

“Evil Genius” is full of technological details, interesting characters and criminals. The star character Cadel reminded me of Artemis Fowl, with the same intelligence and devious attitude. But the point of “Evil Genius” is not crime, but rather the choice that Cadel must make. Is he going to become an evil person just to please his criminal father, or can he make his own decision?

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