“Fergus Crane,” by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

“Fergus Crane,” by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell is the first adventure story in the Far-Flung Adventures series.

Book Cover of Fergus Crane by Paul Stewart and Chris RiddellFergus Crane is a young boy who lives with his mother in an attic home at the top of the Archduke Ferdinand Apartments. Fergus Crane and his mother are very poor, so when the School Ship Betty-Jeanne offers Fergus a free education, both him and his mother are happy to accept. While Fergus attends the school his mother works at a bakery and does odd jobs for the Fateful Voyage Trading Co, a mysterious organization that sends them large paychecks for small jobs.

The plot thickens, however, when Fergus begins receiving strange messages delivered to him in the middle of the night by a flying mechanical box. They indicate that the School Ship Betty-Jeanne is not what it seems and that Fergus is in great danger. When Fergus finally realizes what the messages mean it is already too late. The ship disappears on a “school trip,” leaving Fergus behind, and only Fergus knows that the trip is not what it seems.

Fergus Crane sets out on a mission to save his schoolmates, aided by mechanical wonders created by the Fateful Voyage Trading, Co. A flying mechanical horse and a lunch box that sprouts legs and walks are Fergus' tools in his rescue endeavor.

I enjoyed the detailed world defined by “Fergus Crane.” The rich descriptions written by Paul Stewart, and the beautiful pencil drawings by Chris Riddell are a winning combination that never fail to amaze me. The plot in “Fergus Crane” is exciting and the characters interesting. “Fergus Crane” is a fantasy story that any young reader will enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Fergus Crane is a wonderful book and good for all ages.

Anonymous said...

Fergus Crane is a great book and it was splendid for a book report.

Anonymous said...

Fergus Crane is an excellent book

Anonymous said...

this book is incredible,I can't stop reading it. I already read it like 16 times.

Anonymous said...

IT one of my favorite book

Anonymous said...

I wish I saw the movie too

Anonymous said...

this is the dumbest story ever.!! why did they evn wryte it in the first place.!?

Anonymous said...

i only got it for a book report and it really sucksz.!!! dont evr read it.!!!

Anonymous said...

I just red it I think it relly is a very intresting book its very detailed I would recommending it for little kidz who love reading I think its great weather people thing its crap or apiece of shit so well done to the auothers

Serviced Apartments Lady said...

My little nephew would really enjoy this, thanks for the review!