“The Real Question,” by Adrian Fogelin

“The Real Question,” by Adrian Fogelin is a coming-of-age type story about a teenager on a life changing trip.
Book Cover of The Real Question by Adrian Fogelin
Straight-A student Fisher Brown feels like he is on the verge of an academic burnout when his next door neighbor Lonny offers him a way out. Lonny's carefree lifestyle appeals to Fisher, so when Lonny offers to take him out of town on a mission to repair a friend's roof, Fisher decides to skip a few days of school to join him.

Little does Fisher know, but this journey will take him hundred's of miles and put him in situations that he never would have considered before. Fisher has to make choices about what really matters, and where his first loyalties lie.

I feel that Adrian Fogelin did a good job writing “The Real Question.” The book's plot is unique, and the characters in the story are quite realistic. “The Real Question” shows events as well as consequences, and that is always something I admire. This interesting story is, in my opinion, definitely worth reading.

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Anonymous said...

i love this book...it makes me feeel like im with the characters inside the story!!!

Anonymous said...

i really did enjoy this book but i think the plot could have been a little better at points and overall on a 1-5 scale i rate the book a 4. i felt like i could really relate to the characters at points which i love that.

Anonymous said...

this book was aightt, not so baad not so gooood
i'd rate it a 3.2 on a scale of 1-5
ightttt (:

Anonymous said...

5 stars this ia a really enjoyable book!!! ('',)