“Candide,” by Voltaire

Cover of Candide by Voltaire“Candide,” by Voltaire is a classic piece of literature that is both humorous and philosophical at the same time.

The stories plot revolves around Candide, a young man shoved out into the world after “one sweet kiss, and twenty kicks on the rump.” Candide's romance is put on hold as he experiences both the opulence and the suffering of this world. Though helped by a philosopher who ensures him that “all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds” Candide comes to realize that there is little reason for optimism, and not everything occurs for a good reason.

Voltaire seems to have written “Candide” primarily for the purpose of satirizing unreasoning optimism. Each time that I have read “Candide” I have discovered new meaning in its humorous yet biting passages. I would recommend Voltaire's book for its meaning and its position as a worthy classic.

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flit said...

Loved your review; thanks

Book Calendar said...

I found a copy of Candide to add to the collection while I was going to through the book donations today. It will be added to the classics and reading lists section in the young adult books.

NathanKP said...

Thank you for your comments. I first found "Candide" at a library, Book Calendar. I'm actually not so sure that it is a YA book, however. I originally found this book at my library, in the adult section.


www.candide-voltaire.com said...


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Belle journée,