“Living with the Truth,” by Jim Murdoch

“Living with the Truth,” by Jim Murdoch is a fascinating exploration on the nature of truth.
Book Cover of Living with the Truth by Jim Murdoch
The main character is an old man named Jonathan. Throughout the book, readers are given an almost embarrassingly personal look at Jonathan's life and history. The rich details and subtle ingredients that make up Jonathan's thought patterns, personal habits, and desires are all laid bare for the reader to see.

In contrast Jonathan is a relatively isolated man, who feels that he can and should keep his personal life hidden from the outside world. That changes completely, though, when he is visited by Truth personified. At first Jonathan is incredulous, but before to long it becomes painfully obvious that his strange visitor, must really be who he says he is: the quality of truth in human form. To Jonathan this force that has invaded his life both intrigues and repels him to some extent.

As the story progresses Jonathan is motivated by his otherworldly visitor to take a deeper look into his own life and past. Along the way there is plenty of time for strange adventures and encounters, and discussion of such questions as “Is there a God?”

Jim Murdoch has created a fascinating novel that has deep meaning beyond its face value. ”Living with the Truth” is about the lies that are all around us, the hidden things that we can't see, and the way humans hide the truth from both themselves and others. This novel will make you consider the truth about yourself and your own life. I really enjoyed reading “Living with the Truth” and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read a thought-provoking novel.

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Breeni Books said...

I loved this book! The best part was Truth's sense of humor. Great review.

tashabud said...

Hello Nathan,
Good to see you're back to reviewing books again. I just came from Jim Murdoch's blog and saw about you having reviewed his book. I'll try to get this as one of my reading books as soon as I can have time to myself. Blogging has overtaken my life! I think I need to see a Shrink! LOL.
Good luck with school.

NathanKP said...

Thanks for commenting, folks.

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