“The Dark Ground,” by Gillian Cross

“The Dark Ground,” by Gillian Cross is the first book in a fantasy trilogy that is simply amazing.

Book Cover of The Dark Ground by Gillian CrossWhen Robert wakes up he is completely alone and naked in a strange alien landscape. The last thing he can remember is being on a plane, on the way home from a vacation with his family. He doesn't know if the plane crashed or even how he came to be in this state. All he knows is that he must survive.

With no food, shelter, or tools Robert must try to make do with what he can find around him. But there is something strange about the landscape around him. Not only does it seem familiar and strange at the same time, but there also appear to be other people in the area, people who are willing to help him, but at the same time don't want to be found. When Robert finally discovers where he is, though, it will be a shocking truth far stranger than anything he would ever have imagined. The only question: Is there a way to get back?

In writing “The Dark Ground,” Gillian Cross has created an unquestionably genius novel. The world is beautifully described, with so many details that it is easy to understand exactly how Robert feels during the experience. In addition “The Dark Ground” is perfectly timed and proportioned. Gillian Cross withholds certain details and explanations just long enough to allure, but not so long that she frustrates the reader. I would highly recommend “The Dark Ground” and its two sequels to all readers.

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Anonymous said...

this is the best book ever

S.M.MAAZ said...

Boring should be little more intresting
i could easily judge

Anonymous said...


muniba shakir said...

best book eva!!cnt believe how interesting things it includes??!!

fatima.ahmed said...

a lot of suspence

fatima.ahmed said...

a lot of suspence

Anonymous said...

stupid its so childish and there not that much detail also or action,the plots also stupid and its more like those chinese japenese cartoons so stupid

Anonymous said...

it is an interestring book it has lots of description thats why it seems to be boring u just have to get in the mood of the book thats all and then you will start liking it

Anonymous said...

Good Book huhu

ayesha maryam said...

confusing and no sense of it we ourself get lost in its story