“The Taker,” by J.M. Steele

“The Taker,” by J.M. Steele is an academic mystery about a student considering cheating on the SAT.
Book Cover of The Taker by J.M. Steele
Carly Biels would appear to have a perfect life. She has decent grades and a popular boyfriend. Although she has never enjoyed taking tests, Carly always felt that she would do fairly well on the SAT. But when she gets her SAT results Carly is shocked: she completely failed the test.

Carly's low SAT score ruins her parents plan to enroll her at Princeton, and it also threatens Carly's most important plans for the future. Faced by the prospect of complete failure she decides that her last hope is to retake the test. That's when Carly receives a mysterious note from “The Taker.” This devious individual guarantees that he will take the SAT for her, and get a point within 150 points of perfect. But Carly has to pay a price...

“The Taker” is quite well written. Carly's predicament is very believable, and will doubtlessly strike a chord with any teens who are facing the SAT themselves. The book's supporting characters are rich and diverse. What I most liked about the book, however, was its O. Henry style ending, but you'll have to read it yourself to discover the book's final secret.

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J.M. Steele is not a real person, rather it is a pseudonym for two writers who collaborated to create this novel.

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