“Bicycle Shop Murder,” by Robert Burton Robinson

“Bicycle Shop Murder” is a suspense novel by Robert Burton Robinson, about how a small town music teacher joins forces with an attractive red head to find the person responsible for the recent killings in Coreyville, Texas.

Greg Tenorly lives a simple life as a music teacher and a part time music minister at a local church. One day he meets the attractive redhead Cynthia, who comes to him for advice about her abusive husband, who’s also a drunkard. Their friendship continues to grow after a few conversations, and Greg starts to fall for Cynthia, but he hides the affection to himself.
Things start to get messy after Greg becomes the jury in a murder case. Later, more people connected with the case are killed, including Cynthia’s husband. Greg then takes Cynthia on a road trip, hoping that the only clue he has can help him to find out the real person in charge of the killings. As they are approach the truth, though, more troubles are headed their way, even endangering their own lives! Gradually, the mysteries are revealed one by one, until it leads to the biggest, shameful plot of all.

“Bicycle Shop Murder” is well written, combining tension, romance and occasionally slight humor. The earlier part of the story is less exciting, until it comes to the middle. I enjoyed the variety of other characters rather than the two main ones, who seem a little plain to me. However, it is fun to read about how small town people are willing to go all out, even face to face with the meanest villains they could ever imagine. I love the twist and turns along the story, very intriguing. The only thing that bothers me is the typos, quite hard to miss them actually. “Bicycle Shop Murder” is the first of four books in the Greg Tenorly series. If you are a fan of suspense and mysterious stories, why not give it a try?

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Unknown said...

THIS sounds like something I need to pick up or order soon. Maybe I can have the "lady" wrap it up for Christmas for me.

NathanKP said...

Well I haven't read the book myself; as you can see this is a guest post, but it sounds like it may be an interesting mystery.


Ching Ya said...

Well, it just might be a perfect gift for ya! =) In case you did, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

guillermo said...

There is some information about the book named bicycle shop murder. It was written by Robert Burton Robinson. It sounds to be a mysterious book. I need some original site for work. There are some comments below the site and according to them it is a very good experience to read it. People who have read it enjoyed it a lot.

Milo Anderson said...

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mikon said...

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