“Diggers,” by Terry Pratchett (Bromeliad Book 2)

“Diggers,” by Terry Pratchett continues the Bromeliad trilogy, and the story of the nomes from space.

At first the nomes lived in a department store, but when the store went out of business they were forced to flee and leave the building for the first time in decades.

Fortunately the nomes find an abandoned quarry where they can take up residence without being caught. At first things go well as the nomes experiment with growing crops and live a generally happy life. But then disaster strikes: humans comes to reopen the quarry. At the same time discontent starts to crop up among the nomes. Many long for the old life of ease that they experienced in the store. With humans threatening their only home they must again flee to escape being caught.

"Truckers" is a very excellent continuation of the Bromeliad trilogy, featuring the same wonderful characters and the same imaginative plot. Terry Pratchett's writing style keeps the readers attention riveted throughout this action packed adventure.

If you have read “Truckers,” the first book in the trilogy, then you’ll find “Diggers” to be a wonderful continuation of the story.

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'" Truckers" is a very excellent continuation of the...' Did you mean "Diggers"?