Recommended Mystery Books

For the month of November I have selected three of the most interesting mysteries that I have reviewed here on Inkweaver Review.

"The Railway Detective," by Edward Marston

An action-packed mystery set in the London of the 1850's. When a shipment of mail and gold are stolen from the London to Birmingham mail train is the only the start of a strange series of crimes that appears to be aimed at sabotaging the reputation of the rail industry.

Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck must stay one step ahead of the crafty criminals if he is to capture them, for they seem to have their sights set on one last deadly piece of sabotage that could claim literally thousands of lives!

"The Case of the Left-Handed Lady," by Nancy Springer

This innovative detective story is told from the point of view of Sherlock Holmes younger sister Enola, a strong-willed fourteen-year-old who shares her older brothers sharp mind.

Enola has run away from home and must explore the dark corners of London trying to avoid her older brother and solve a mystery for her client at the same time.

"The Calder Game," by Blue Balliet

This unique detective story begins when two Calders go missing on the same day. One is a piece of modern art created by the famous minimalist sculptor Alexander Calder, the other is young Calder Pillay, a boy who loves pentominoes and modern art.

The story has a remarkable tone created by Blue Balliet's careful use of hidden messages and secret clues.

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Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I have added these books to my list of reading materials. Your post comes at a good time for me as this afternoon will be returning books to the library and now I have a list to check out for the next couple weeks of page turning time. I have take the priviledge of adding your page to my list of blog rolls featured on my own blog page. I find your reviews concise and good reading.

Gary (old dude)

NathanKP said...

Thank you very much for adding Inkweaver Review to your blog roll. I'm glad that you enjoy my reviews, and hope you enjoy the books that I have recommended as well.