“The Castle Corona,” by Sharon Creech

“The Castle Corona,” by Sharon Creech is a pleasant fantasy fairy tale in classic form.

Cover of The Castle Corona by Sharon CreechIn the Castle Corona lives a royal family who enjoys all the traditional comforts: jewels, gold, and finery that most people would envy. But the King dreams of taking a nap even as he sits in his throne, squirming in his uncomfortable gold robe, and the Queen longs for some peace away from the constant visitors and responsibilities of court life. From the castle comes these quiet wishes:

“If only I could be a poor, anonymous peasant... If only I didn't have to wear these heavy golden clothes... If only I didn't have to always smile and make decisions... If only I could choose my own friends and do what I liked... If only, if only.”

In the small village below the glittering castle lives two young peasants who dream about living as royalty. While working for their cruel master they wish:

“If only I could be a princess or a prince... If only I could wear clothes spun with gold... If only I could ride white ponies with golden bangles... If only, if only-then my life would be perfect and beautiful and easy...”

But then the two peasants find a stolen pouch at the side of the road, a pouch that contains hidden secrets that can transform lives forever.

“The Castle Corona” is an entertaining book that features full color illustrations throughout by the Caldecott Medal winner David Diaz. The book's plot is fairly interesting, though not at all new. However, the characters are all fresh and well defined. Sharon Creech's tale is written in good taste and flows very smoothly. Young readers are sure to enjoy “The Castle Corona.”

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This is a great book for everyone!