“Drift House – The First Voyage,” by Dale Peck

“Drift House – The First Voyage,” by Dale Peck is a wonderful time travel fantasy about a house that is also a “transtemporal vessel.”

Book Cover of Drift House - The First Voyage by Dale PeckThe main characters are three children named Susan, Charles, and Murray. The story begins shortly after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. At the time they were living in New York City, but their parents, worried about safety send the three children to live with their Uncle Farley.

Uncle Farley lives in a strange home called Drift House. The children's first impression is that the house looks like a ship that has been washed ashore. Little do they know, but that is exactly what Drift House is. The next morning they awake to find that Drift House has floated away on the Sea of Time. In this strange landscape nothing can be taken for granted.

Soon Susan, Charles, and Murray are involved in a grand adventure that involves devious mermaids, a fearsome pirate ship, a huge whirlpool, and an attempt to halt time in its tracks forever.

Dale Peck's novel is full of magical characters that aren't quite like anything I've ever heard of. Even his mermaids have subtle touches and strange details that make them surprisingly unique. “Drift House – The First Voyage” also has an excellent plot. The sudden twists and turns of this adventure will keep any reader at the edge of their seat. I would highly recommend “Drift House – The First Voyage” as an thrilling time travel story.

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Jill said...

Thanks for the review. I'm always looking for new books for my kids because they go through them so quickly!


NathanKP said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the review, Jill. "Drift House" is an amazing series and I hope to review the next few books in the series in the next couple months. Your kids are sure to love this first one, though!


Angie A. said...

'Sounds very Dawn Treader-esque. I bet it good for grownups, too.


NathanKP said...

I agree. The series has more of a time travel than a fantasy focus to it. I'm sure there are adults out there who would enjoy this book. After all I did. :)


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I have struck upon your blog via the Bloggeries, and a comment you left there. I am an older man, with a love of reading. My favorite genre's are Mysteries and Science fiction. Now of course having read your review I look forward to reading "Drifthouse".

Gary (old dude)

NathanKP said...

Well, as an "older man" you may not appreciate these books for young readers as much as I do, but they are still very good quality. Thanks for commenting.


anonymous said...

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