“Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger,” by Louis Sachar

“Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger,” by Louis Sachar is the last book in the Wayside School series.

The students of Wayside School returned to their thirty story school building, glad that the cows were gone and the building opened again. (You'll have to read “Wayside School is Falling Down” if you want to understand.) But for the students in Mrs. Jewls class, the joy is shortlived.

Mrs. Jewls is going to have a baby, and while she is gone, the class will be having a substitute teacher. After the children's bad experiences in the past, they will forever be suspicious of any new teacher they get. Indeed, their suspicions are well founded for their substitute teachers are rather weird, even by Wayside School standards: Mr. Gorf, a man with three nostrils; Mrs Drazil, the teacher who never forgets anything, not even homework missed twenty years ago; and Miss Nogard, the young woman with three ears.

For those who read “Wayside School Get a Little Stranger,” Louis Sachar provides another humorous grade school adventure with plenty of double meanings and hidden messages. I would definitely recommend this story for elementary school age children.

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Ane Fallarme said...

i think there's a cartoon on nickelodeon based on this... anyway, nice post, very informative..

NathanKP said...

I haven't seen the cartoon but I really wouldn't be surprised if "Wayside School" has been taken up by the media. It was first published back in the 70's and since then the book series has become almost a classic among school age children.

Thank you for commenting Ane.


Anonymous said...

I love Louis Sachar's books

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i really admire Louis Sacher's series of the watside school. And I think they are all very hilarious.

Anonymous said...

i love this book i'm doing for a book report

Anonymous said...

Omg this is a awesome book. I love this book i'm doing a book report for this.

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Anonymous said...

The tv show was terrible. I mean really when did mrs.jewls have pink hair? & maurecia was not a : Tomboy, Purple haired weirdo. They made dana look weird & forgot jason & alison two of my four favorite characters ( Maurecia & joy ) at least make the show actually be with the book. The tv show is terrible. Though i want fourth wayside book There AMAZING!