“Bloomability,” by Sharon Creech

“Bloomability,” by Sharon Creech is an enjoyable novel about a girl who moves to Switzerland with her Aunt and Uncle.

Book Cover of Bloomability by Sharon CreechDinnie's parents have always believed in the power of opportunities. That's the reason why they spend so much time moving around the country, in search of the right job and home. When Dinnie's Aunt and Uncle volunteer to take her to Switzerland to attend a school where her Uncle will be working as headmaster, her parents see it as a wonderful opportunity.

Soon Dinnie finds herself in Switzerland, attending a unique school where the children come from around the world, each speaking a different language. At first Dinnie longs to return to the United States and be with her parents, but soon she forms friendships and comes to realize the possibilities that she has.

“Bloomability,” was a very peaceful book overall, with a relaxing plot and satisfying characters. Sharon Creech's writing style was laid back, and just as vivid as the Swiss landscape it portrayed. “Bloomability” has an understandable message: The world is full of 'bloomabilities,' all ready for us to embrace.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't understand the plot...

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