“Heat,” by Michael Cadnum

“Heat,” by Michael Cadnum is a novel about a teenage diver who must rebuild her confidence after a accident that could have ended her career.
Cover of Heat by Michael Cadnum
Bonnie has been diving since she was young. Hailed as one of the most promising divers in her school team, Bonnie has dreams of winning in the championships and entering the Olympic trials. But one day while practicing she hits her head on the edge of the diving platform. Fortunately Bonnie survives the accident with nothing more than a gash on her head, but her confidence is shattered.

At the same time Bonnie's family life is in upheaval. When her lawyer father is arrested under suspicion of defrauding his clients Bonnie can't be sure whether he is innocent or not. Bonnie must find a way to rebuild both her confidence in her own diving skill and at the same time deal with her shaken confidence about her father.

What I liked most about Michael Cadnum's story was his highly observant technique of describing the characters. Through the eyes of Bonnie the reader's attention is drawn to even tiny details of the book's detailed characters: shifty eyes, expressions, and character traits. This technique gave the characters in “Heat” added depth and kept them from falling into the cliché categories that many authors use. In addition the plot was realistic, neither sentimental nor exaggerated. The interesting combination of problems that Bonnie must face both contrast and reflect each other in ways that strengthens the books overall story line.

“Heat,” by Michael Cadnum is very well written with an enjoyable and satisfying plot.

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