Changes for Inkweaver Review

Inkweaver Review will be changing its focus over the next few weeks. Up to now we've mainly focused on reviews of young adult books and classic literature. Inkweaver Review will be expanding its content genres to include blog and website reviews and personal writing by owner NathanKP.

If you own or know of a worthy blog or website devoted to writing and/or reading please comment on this post and it may be reviewed in the near future.

The changes planned for Inkweaver Review will hopefully make it a more diverse blog that will live up to its Entrecard motto: "A Place for Readers."

Stay tuned readers, and watch as Inkweaver Review develops....

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tashabud said...

I'm delighted to learn that Inkweaver Review's future plan is to include reviewing personal writings by blog owners. I hope that you'll include my sites entitled "tasha's take" and "LOVE AND ROMANCE" to the ones you'll be reviewing.

NathanKP said...

Right now I am writing a review of 2 Write Hands, a writing blog.

I may review you blog Tasha's Take, but Love and Romance is not really my theme. I'm trying to focus on sites that have a writing or book related theme.