“Gone-Away Lake,” by Elizabeth Enright

“Gone-Away Lake,” by Elizabeth Enright is a classic Newberry Honor novel about the experiences of two young people who spend a summer in the country.

Book Cover Art for Gone-Away Lake by Elizabeth EnrightIt all starts when Portia and her cousin Julian stumble across a unique place called Gone-Away Lake. Once it had been a lakeside colony of summer homes, but years ago the lake dried up and now damaged and abandoned houses sit at the edge of a large swamp. But the homes aren’t completely deserted. Portia and Julian meet two extraordinary people who live in this mysterious place.

“Gone-Away Lake,” is full of interesting tales and adventures. It portrays the experiences of the two young people as they explore the swamp and abandoned homes, while at the same time retelling stories from the time when Gone-Away was still a bustling summer colony.

Elizabeth Enright’s novel is a peaceful and enjoyable as a summer vacation, and her characters are memorable and well-designed. I would recommend this classic novel to any literature lover.

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Anonymous said...

This book is absolutely great!!!! Love it!
I'm working on a new book cover for it... any ideas??? Plz answer by nov. 2011