“Perloo the Bold” by Avi

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“Perloo the Bold” by Avi is a entertaining fantasy novel that teaches a lesson about the responsibility of being a leader.

The main character is Perloo, a shy Montmer scholar. The Montmer’s are rabbit-like creatures with long feet that they use to ski the slopes of their wintery world. Perloo has always liked to be alone in the company of his books. But his life must change when he is summoned to meet the Montmer leader.

Perloo is shocked when the dying leader names him as her successor. Treachery and deceit soon result, and a confused and reluctant Perloo is faced with power-hungry rivals, a torn proclamation, an escape through the snow.

Perloo is more than willing to give up his position as a leader to someone else, but when the rebel leader who took his place begins a war with a neighboring tribe, Perloo decides to accept his responsibility and make decisions that will repair the damage done.

The novel is full of the colorful personalities and subtle detail that Avi makes use of so well. “Perloo the Bold” is a book that I would definitely recommend as an entertaining and worthwhile read.

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Anonymous said...

it was a very interesting, it was one of the best books ive ever read

Anonymous said...

LOL it wuz the most epic book i ever read :DDD
Everybody should read it xD

Anonymous said...

This book is soooo good... and I love how sad and honestly it made me cry sooo much, and I do not know how good Avi is such of an amazing writer that I need her autograph. 0.o

Anonymous said...

it was really sad but good

Anonymous said...

im reading it right now

Anonymous said...

I luuuuuuuved this book but I couldn't remember the name. It was extremely good......a must read for fantasy lovers :)

Anonymous said...

I love this book every one needs to read this book it is amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

the first novel I have ever bothered to read and I am 12