“The Missing Chip,” by Mark Delaney

“The Missing Chip,” by Mark Delaney is a thrilling mystery story about a group of high school misfits who solve a high-tech mystery.

Peter, Byte, Jake, and Mattie are often overlooked or scorned at school, but each has a special talent. When a multi-million dollar computer chip simple disappears in front of more than a dozen witnesses, its up to these four teens to discover how the crime was committed, and who the perpetrator was. Mattie’s grandfather has been arrested as the main suspect, and unless they find the real criminal he may be falsely charged.

Soon however, the Misfits find that searching for a criminal is more dangerous than they had originally expected. Used as hostages by a dangerous murderer they can only hope to survive the experience.

“The Missing Chip” is a thrilling mystery that features well designed characters and a satisfying plot. I would recommend it to any mystery fan.

Strangely, I've found no hits on Google for this book, so good luck trying to locate a copy for yourself!

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