“Henry Reed, Inc.” by Keith Robertson

“Henry Reed, Inc.” by Keith Robertson is an entertaining young adult novel about a boy’s experiments in free enterprise.Book Cover Art for Henry Reed, Inc by Keith Robertson

Henry Reed is the son of an American diplomat, and has lived most of his life overseas. When he returns to the United States to spend the summer living in a small town with his uncle and aunt, he is determined to successfully carry out a special school assignment: to investigate American “free enterprise” and record his results. Soon Henry has a business partner, 12 year old Midge. Together they form a research organization, Henry Reed Inc.

“Henry Reed, Inc” features well-balanced humor and amusing action as Henry and Midge become involved in an oil discovery, a truffle search, a disastrous balloon ascension, and numerous other escapades. I would recommend this well-written book as an enjoyable read aimed at the young adult audience.

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This book series continues with: Henry Reed's Journey

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