The Latest Update for Inkweaver Review

If you are one of Inkweaver Review's many returning visitors, then you probably noticed that the template has been changed slightly.

I decided to move the sidebar to the right side of the blog. The primary benefit to this is that it helps search engines index the proper content. Previously they tended to index content from the sidebar before content from the main post area.

A note to readers who may have a reading, writing, or book related blog:

Inkweaver Review is now offering blogroll positions to related sites who reciprocate the link. If you have a blog that has to do with reading, writing, or books then please add a sidebar link to Inkweaver Review and comment here to tell me that you have done so. I will then add you to the sidebar here at Inkweaver Review. Your link on Inkweaver Review will allow you to start benefiting from the traffic and visitors that pass through Inkweaver Review every day, not to mention the resulting boost to your Google page ranking.

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