“Hiroshima,” by Laurence Yep

“Hiroshima,” by Laurence Yep is a children’s novella that makes a tragic and negatively viewed historical event understandable to young audiences.

“Hiroshima” is short, about 50 pages in length, but it manages to tell the story of two young Japanese girls who are caught in the tragedy of Hiroshima. Yep does an admirable job of explaining the facts and events involved in Hiroshima so that children can learn and understand what happened at Hiroshima and why a nuclear attack such as Hiroshima should never occur again.

Overall, I would say that “Hiroshima” is not a book that most people will remember as very special. Its short, simple style may appeal to some children, but even if the style is appropriate for children, the theme is less than enjoyable. I think that in writing “Hiroshima” Laurence Yep has tried something very interesting, but the general result is disappointing.

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