“The Third Jungle Book,” by Pamela Jekel

“The Third Jungle Book,” by Pamela Jekel is a satisfying continuation of Kipling’s Jungle Book stories.

Book Cover Art for The Third Jungle Book by Pamela JekelJekel skillfully recreates Rudyard Kipling’s style, even down to subtle details such as punctuation. I was very satisfied by the way she elaborated on some events that Kipling mentions in his original stories but does not explain. “The Third Jungle Book” has the same general mood and the same focus on Jungle Law that the original Jungle Book stories focused on.

The only thing that I found disappointing about “The Third Jungle Book” was the poems at the beginning and end of each story. Jekel has very adequately recreated Kipling’s prose, but her poetic style is lacking. Rudyard’s poems have a particular lilt and rhyming style all his own, and Jekel’s poetic style is flat and lifeless in comparison. However, this is not a fatal flaw, for the poems are very short in comparison to the stories.

I would recommend “The Third Jungle Book” to anyone who has enjoyed Kipling’s original Jungle Book Stories. Overall, it makes for a fine read that I’m sure Kipling himself would have enjoyed.

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