Two Write Hands (and two left feet)

"Two Write Hands (and two left feet)" is a pleasant, writing oriented site that features short flash fiction pieces and general commentary on the author's life.

Overall, the site has a great theme and interesting comment. I have enjoyed reading the excellent pieces that are periodically posted on Two Write Hands, but its sometimes difficult to navigate the site. Since there isn't a tag list on the main page I found myself forced to search through posts by date. But there were plenty of shining jewels among the posts to keep my interest. For example, I've selected a two of my favorites:

It Sure Didn't Look Like Love

4 A.M. Legacy

History on Fire

Two Write Hands has a clean, easy to read theme, and a great logo picture at the top of blog. The blog content is not overshadowed by voluminous amounts of advertising either, and that is something I always appreciate.

I would recommend Two Write Hands to anyone interested in writing.

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Anonymous said...

I love this blog, I also know the looney that writes it :-) A nice review I thought.

Tally-ho, RS.

NathanKP said...

Thanks! Right now I'm looking for another writing or literature related blog to review.


Ken Armstrong said...

I second that emotion - a great blog. well Reviewed!

NathanKP said...

Thank you for commenting. I'm glad that you liked the blog review.


tashabud said...

nathankp, these are the easiest way for me to link with another site:
1. Go to that site and right click anywhere on the site's title area.
2. Click on the "properties".
3. Click on the "URL address" to highlight it.
3. Right click to copy.
4. Go to my site and click on the "Customize" on my dashboard.
5. Click on "Edit" in my "other links" area. In your case, since you have not yet set up links to other blog sites that I noticed, click on "Add A Page Element". Choose "Link List" from the choices and click on "ADD TO BLOG", which is located just below your choice. In the "Title" type whatever you want to name your favorite sites you want to be visiting again at the click of your fingertip. After this then you proceed on to steps 6 through 9. Once this is set up, all you have to do on your subsequent additions is to follow the 9 steps.
6. Delete the pre-assigned "http://" in the URL and paste the entire URL address of the link I want to add.
7. Type in the title of the site link in the "New Site Name".
8. Click on the "ADD LINK". I make sure that the site is actually added to my list.
9. Finally, I click on "SAVE CHANGES".

I hope this will help you in any way. Good Luck.

NathanKP said...

Thanks for commenting tashabud. Its obvious that you spent some time writing that excellent how to on creating a blogroll, so I thank you for your effort. However, I must say that I already knew how to put a link list on my site.

The only reason I haven't yet done so is lack of time and sites that I want to link to. I plan however, to start offering site link positions to sites and blogs that reciprocate.


tashabud said...

Nathan, I apologize. I am such a nincompoop for being presumptuous.

By the way, you're already in my blogroll.

NathanKP said...

Don't worry about it tashabud, I'm easy going.

I'll reciprocate your blogroll link. If you really want to promote your site, though, you should join Entrecard.