“Jason‘s Gold,” by Will Hobbs

Book Cover Art for Jason's Gold, by Will Hobbs“Jason‘s Gold,” by Will Hobbs is the first of two books about Jason Hawthorn’s adventures in the Yukon.

The story is set in 1897. Gold has just been discovered in Alaska, and Jason Hawthorn is eager to get in on the gold rush. However, he soon finds that getting to the goldfields isn’t as easy as he had first thought. Since he has no money he stows away on a ship bound for the Yukon, but the journey involves more than riding a boat. Jason must hike the legendary trails that the Yukon gold rush made famous. Author Will Hobbs shows us Dead Horse Trail and Chilkoot Pass, from the ground up.

There is no end of excitement and adventure in “Jason‘s Gold.” I would recommend this book both as a historical masterpiece, and as a wonderful adventure. The story is well-researched, the characters memorable, and the action non-stop.

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Anonymous said...

not cool

Anonymous said...

it started out as an intreasting book then the journey he goes on gets long and perdictable. The book needed more danger and death of people. something that would leave the reader hanging on Will Hobbs every word. I semi recomend this book.