“Henry Reed‘s Journey” by Keith Robertson

“Henry Reed‘s Journey” by Keith Robertson continues the marvelous series that started with “Henry Reed, Inc.”

In this book Henry embarks on a journey across the United States with the Midge and her family. As usual Henry has two important goals: to collect material for “a top-notch travel book about the United States,” and to find the perfect fireworks. Along the way he and Midge manage to start a full-scale California gold rush, participate in an Indian Festival, and drop the car keys into the Grand Canyon.

“Henry Reed‘s Journey” is just as funny and entertaining as the first Henry Reed book. If you’ve read an enjoyed “Henry Reed, Inc” you’ll definitely want to continue the experience with this amusing book.

Unfortunately, no cover art is available and the title is out of print. You may be able to find a used copy, however.

For a review of the first book in this series see: Henry Reed, Inc.

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