Current Goals for Inkweaver Review

Inkweaver Review will be expanding its services in the coming weeks by providing external links in each published book review.

That means that you'll be able to easily find e-book versions or excerpts of any book we review. We'll also link to articles and websites devoted to the book; for example, a Wikipedia article on the book, or an official fan website.

By expanding the services that Inkweaver Review provides, we hope to make it an even better blogsite that will serve all your reading needs.

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Anonymous said...

Nathan, thank you for referring me to your site. I've looked long and hard for like-minded bloggers and have found only a handful. I'll keep checking in. I'm curious, How did you find my site?

NathanKP said...

I'm glad that you have enjoyed my site and plan to check in again in the future.

I found your blog through a Google Search. I was checking my own search rankings for the keyword: "Tuck Everlasting" and your blog was next to mine.