“Timothy of the Cay,” by Theodore Taylor

Spoiler Warning: This book is a sequel to "The Cay."

“Timothy of the Cay,” written by Theodore Taylor is a prequel-sequel to his earlier book, “The Cay.”

“Timothy of the Cay” is a novel with two parallel plots. It tells the story of Timothy’s life, from growing up as an orphan to his life as a sailor. It also continues the story of Phillip’s life. Phillip has been rescued from the island but he is still blind. “Timothy of the Cay” tells us how Phillip undergoes surgery to restore his sight and then returns to the island to see it again, this time with his own eyes.

I enjoyed reading “Timothy of the Cay” for its dual theme of hope and dreams. Although the stories of Timothy and Phillip are separated but decades, they both have the same basic focus: each has a dream that they are determined to fulfill.

The characters in "Timothy of the Cay" are rich and full of remarkable depth. The plot is also involving and made me commiserate with the characters in their troubles and successes. If you have read “The Cay” I would highly recommend that you read “Timothy of the Cay” to enjoy this fascinating prequel-sequel to the original story.

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Anonymous said...

I'll try to read it

NathanKP said...

Good! I highly recommend this novel, especially if you have read the original story, "The Cay." "Timothy of the Cay" is actually a sequel/prequel in that it tells the story both before and after the events of "The Cay."


Anonymous said...

omg this is the best book eva i read it evry day!! omg im not obsessed wit the book i am posessed!! aagh

NathanKP said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed "Timothy of the Cay" so much.

Thanks for leaving your comment.


Anonymous said...

i llllluuuuuvvvvvveeeeeddddddd this book it is ssssooooo good

Anonymous said...

What is the plot??