“Down the Yukon,” by Will Hobbs

Warning: This book is a sequel to "Jason's Gold."

“Down the Yukon,” by Will Hobbs continues the Yukon experiences of Jason Hawthorn.

Jason is happy to have merely made it to the Yukon alive, andBook Cover of Down the Yukon by Will Hobbs although he didn’t strike it rich, he at least has his brothers and their successful family business to support them. However, disaster strikes when Jason’s older brother gets involved with gambling and loses their sawmill in a game of chance. There is only one way to buy the sawmill back: by winning the upcoming race from Dawson City to Nome, 1700 miles away.

Jason and Jamie Dunavant, the girl he loves, set off on a race that will take them through the beauty and the danger of the upper Yukon. With two dangerous rivals and numerous disasters, Jason and Jamie must struggle hard to make it to the finish line at all, much less in first place.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Down the Yukon.” Jason and Jamie are memorable characters whose adventures will not disappoint any reader who is looking for excitement. Will Hobb’s story is admirable both for its style and its historical theme.

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What is the climax

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i read the first one and i can already tell this ones good

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OO Yea

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