“Truckers,” by Terry Pratchett (Bromeliad Book 1)

“Truckers,” by Terry Pratchett is the first book in a wonderful science fiction trilogy about a group of nomes.

Thousands of years ago the nomes came from space to explore Earth. When their spaceship crashed they were stranded, unable to get back home. Now thousands of years have passed, and the nomes have completely forgotten that they came from space. Only one relic remains from the spaceship: The Thing, a small black cube that has been venerated for centuries.

The story focuses on a group of nomes who have lived all their lives in the department store. They have developed a strange religion centered around the store: they believe that the store was created specifically for nomes by Arnold Bros (Est 1905), the mythical owner and chief deity.

These sheltered nomes are in for a surprise, however, when a small group of nomes arrive from outside. They bring with them The Thing, a small computer that is all that remains from the first spaceship. It can listen to the store computers, and tells the gnomes that the store will be destroyed in twenty-one days.

“Truckers,” is about the nomes response to this message of impending doom. They must quickly make plans to leave the store and figure out how they will survive outside. I would highly recommend this book. The nomes are interesting characters, the plot is very unique, and Terry Pratchett’s writing style is excellent.

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Anonymous said...

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To Mr. NathanKP

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NathanKP said...

Thank you very much Mr. Naval Langa. I will drop by your blogs a little later.


~willow~ said...

I've been reluctant to start on Terry Pratchett's works, despite the vast appeal of his Discworld, because there's this one style of irreverent humourous fantasy that I've tired a few times that just doesn't click with me... and I have the impressions Mr Pratchett's works fall into this category. ... Take Good Omens, where he collaborated with Neil Gaiman - I really like Gaiman, but Good Omens I didn't... I blame Mr Pratchett, LoL! :) However, I might just give him a try, these gnomes sound like fun :)

NathanKP said...

I would say that this trilogy is slightly "irreverent," in that pokes a little fun at the gnomes overeager desire to deify someone or something, in this case the owner of the store that they live in.

But overall I would say that the book doesn't make this the main focus. I enjoyed it.


Sadie said...

sounds interesting. What age group would you say this book is 'geared towards'?

NathanKP said...

So far the vast majority of the books on Inkweaver Review are for the young adult to junior fiction audience. I would say that Terry Pratchett's works are primarily aimed at teenagers to young adults, but as always the stories of Discworld have deeper elements that older readers can enjoy as well.

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