"Winter Rain," by Chris Poirier

Recently I was contacted by Chris Poirier, an online web novel writer who is currently writing "Winter Rain," which he describes as "a story about life at the bottom of the pack."

At first glance the site appears to be rather plain, and the top header gives it an anime type appearance that initially turned me off a little. When I read the subtitle, "Violence, revenge, and other family values" I was even more skeptical.

But the opening lines told me that this novel was better written than I had expected:

"She watches me from across the table, her eyes pained, tired. They weren’t always so. When we first met, her eyes were full of joy and light.

I fidget with the handle of my cup and look past her—past, where it’s safe. I can’t meet her gaze any more. There’s too much there, now—too much I can’t bear."

Though the story seems to begin in the middle, with a sudden jerk, from there it smooths off. Throughout Poirier's prose is strong with hard edges that fit exactly with the story's theme. The dark imagery and descriptions inject the story with a sort of tension that is sure to bring some readers back for more.

Navigation through the novel was slightly difficult. The chapters are broken up into numerous small sections, and it is easier to navigate from chapter to chapter than it is to find the next section in the chapter that you are currently reading.

Overall, "Winter Rain" isn't my type of fiction, but I respect Chris Poirier for his developing yet professional writing voice.

Chris Poirier also runs a Web Fiction Guide designed to list and review other online web novels. If you are looking to read online then this is your portal to start at, with detailed editorial reviews and a list of regularly updated online novels.

The website design is very clean and professional, and the lack of distracting ads is admirable. Its evident that Web Fiction Guide is a community of people who love writing and reading each other's work. If you have an online novel, then you too can submit to gain more traffic and readers.

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Chris Poirier said...

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the Winter Rain review! I appreciate you taking the time to read it -- especially as you didn't seem to enjoy too much. :-)

For the story, I'm trying for something in the dark urban fantasy vein, more myth than magic, and definitely not kids' stuff. I recognize that that isn't going to be to a lot of tastes, and I'm cool with that. FYI, I've added an element to the Winter Rain home page to allow you to jump directly to a part number. Hopefully, that will resolve the navigation issues you mentioned.

Finally, I'll pass your comments about WFG on to the rest of the editorial team -- I know they'll be thrilled. On behalf of everyone at the Guide, thanks for the mention and the link.


NathanKP said...


I enjoyed the writing style, and it gave me a few ideas, though the violent aspect didn't appeal to me very much.

I'm glad to here that you have fixed the navigation issue.

You're welcome. I always love to review worthy projects on my blog.